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New wine season Altiero in Chianti

By 23/03/2024March 25th, 2024No Comments
Preparazione della nuova stagione vinicola

The works in a vineyard never stop: all the Altiero’s staff members are immersed in preparation activities for the new wine season and at the same time days become longer and longer.
Vines wake up again after the winter time needing care and constant attentions to prepare the next productive cycle and garanteing quality and quantity during the grapeharvest.

The ground processings

After the winter pruning, a lot of our job is dedicated to the ground preparation. The first step is to remove anusefull plants and grass, to move the soilsurface and ventilate it means to reactivate its life.

After, it’s time to manure and improve nutrients in the ground to obtain a grape better and better. By the Altiero Winery only natural and sustainable fertilizers are used, respecting Nature and preserving the integrity of our vineyards.

The binding

A fondamental operation is the vine shoots binding used to drive their grow. This is a sensitive job and completely made by hands: we weave carefully the shoots to the guide, creating a solid and organized structure wich permits the best development for our vines. This job needs precision and attention to details, but the result is a vineyard wich grow in an harmonious way and able to produce exceptional grapes.

Every step wich we make in our vineyards is a tribute to our wine passion and our quality devotion. Follow us in this journey through the vine cycle, waiting for its complete awakening and its delicious fruits.