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Montefioralle in Chianti: between the wine and nature

By 22/04/2024No Comments
Il vino di Montefioralle in Chianti

The Altiero Winery is located in the picturesque location of Montefioralle, immersed in the heart of Chianti Classico region, a place traditionally dedicated to produce wine. In this area we make wines with a unique and distinguished body, authentic expression of our region and history. And the secret of exeptional wines like these is perfectly in the ground wich surrounds us.

Montefioralle between the wine and nature, a history of passion and tradition.

Montefioralle is characterized by a soil rich in minerals, a favorable microclimate and an ideal hilly position: the perfect place to grow a superior quality of red grapes. The vines wich we cultivate are feeded by this generous soil, absorbing unique characteristics, reflected by our wine flavours after.

The red wine produced by Altiero Winery is more than a simple drink. Is the essence of this enchanted place, a tribute to our History and old generations. Every single bottle is made with care and dedication, respecting sustainable farm practices and preserving the natural beauty of all this region.

Come to visit us in Montefioralle discovering in person this magical place, where only the natural rhythm of time is followed.