Azienda Agricola Altiero

 Azienda Agricola Altiero … the right place  to see new generation  return to the land that was great-grandparents,grandparents and subsequently of their fathers ,and above  all it is a nice  sense the passion that binds them to these  places… The Chianti Classico Area.
Paolo Baldini is the owner and with his wife Samuela  they run the agricultural part and the commercial part of the farm. The farm is named like Paolo’s grandfather  (Altiero Ciaramelli ) which was one of the first “doctors” in Agriculture in the mid of the ‘900,and he was the Director of one of the bigger farm in the Chianti Area, The Fattoria di Montefioralle. Paolo after graduation  in Agriculture decided to spend all his passion and energie to produce Chianti Classico using the land that long ago gave his grandparents one of the best wines of the Chianti Classico area  ( we are  in 2001 and Paolo was the youngest  “vigneron” in Europe). Maurizio,Paolo’s father, understanding the  big passion of his son,decide to close his small carpentry to help him. In the last years they bought new plots of land , and in small rectangle of land, three years ago, they started an experiment …  reproduction  Malvasia Nera, a typical old Tuscan grape that because of the difficulty setting of breeding and poor production has become very rare, but according to Paolo, as Sangiovese (which he uses in purity to produce its chianti Classico and its reserve) is one of the flavors of Tuscany that should not be forgotten.

 Besides a high quality Chianti Classico and a very special Riserva,Paolo produce a particular I.G.T wine (Supertuscan) made with 50% merlot and 50% sangiovese. The farm is famous also for the high quality of the olive oil, produced picking the olives  by hands in the olive groves surrounding the farm ,and   cold pressed after few hours from the harvest. Paolo and Samuela they never stop their ideas and projects,and their last creation is been a very small but exclusive cosmetic line,100% natural and organic ( like the rest of their products) made with the “waste” of the farm,like for example skin of grape,olive oil,wine and so on… Last but not least, we cannot forget to mention Cristina ,Paolo’s mother which isone the most important pieces of the team,because ,after each wine tasting or any event in the farm, she is able (probably she hide a magic wand…) to clean everything in few minutes!!
It is possible to enjoy a tour of the farm and a wine tasting everyday, from 10:30am to 6:00pm.
Their warm welcome and the family atmosphere of their home will be a memorable part of your trip to Tuscany.